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Are you Deaf? …Experiencing hearing loss? …Have a Deaf child? …Have a hard-of-hearing parent, grandparent, or friend? …Looking for a sign language interpreter?

Come to Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Inc. (DCS) — the right place for you.

DCS is the only nonprofit agency in San Diego that offers a wide menu of services to Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened children and adults. Our clients include members of the Deaf community who communicate in American Sign Language (ASL), individuals who use cochlear implants or hearing aids, and seniors with hearing loss. We are a clearinghouse of information on issues concerning deafness, Deaf culture, public access, sign language interpreting, and assistive technology.

Our goal is to overcome communication barriers and improve our clients’ lives. All services are fully accessible
in ASL or in a client’s preferred language.

Our trained and experienced staff will work with you in the following areas:

  • Sign Language Interpreting Services – nationally certified and highly qualified interpreters
  • Mental Health and Counseling – outpatient services, case management and advocacy
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling – substance abuse, addiction, and 12-Step program workshops
  • Adult Literacy Classes – college and employment preparation, life skills development
  • Employment Development – job coaching, employment workshops, leads and referrals
  • Community Outreach – educational workshops, after-school activities, public presentations
  • Clubhouse – vocational, recreational, and educational services for those living with or at risk
    for mental health disorders

Our doors are also open to parents, professionals, and service providers looking for help and support.
We welcome all who enter our programs. Every client is treated with dignity and respect.

As an agency and as a team, we believe that each individual has value and a positive purpose in life.


Don’t wait to contact DCS for the services you or a loved one needs.

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