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Donate to DCS to support our programs and services for Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened children and adults in San Diego County. You can choose which program you would like to support or let us decide where your donation can do the most good. Your generous gift helps us reach more people, enrich their lives, and educate and enlighten the public.

Becoming a Donor Is Easy.

  • Click on the correct PayPal link below for a one-time contribution or a monthly donation.
  • Choose the monthly option? Your future donations will automatically be billed each month to your credit card or debited from your bank account by PayPal.
  • You’ll receive an automated acknowledgment of your donation for your tax records. Print it out!
  • No mail will be sent unless required by law or at your request. This paperless program saves trees!

How Does Online Giving Work?

PayPal bills your contribution to your credit card or debits it from your bank account each month. Your donation goes to DCS, minus a small PayPal processing fee. The minimum amount you can donate is $5.00.

How Does Monthly Giving Make a Difference?

Every dollar that you donate to DCS goes toward direct services and support for the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened clients who pass through our doors—toddlers, children, adolescents, teens, young adults, parents, grandparents—who are looking for positive change in their lives. A steady stream of income is critical to the work we do.

How Will My Monthly Donations Be Used?

Your donations help us achieve our mission of providing advocacy, promoting independence and opportunity, and assuring greater access to society for Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened children and adults. We offer a variety of services, from information and referral, counseling, independent living skills, alcohol and drug recovery to adult literacy training, job coaching and placement, plus highly qualified interpreting services throughout San Diego. We are a one-stop center on deafness-related issues.

Can I Change My Donation Amount?

Yes, you can go online anytime to our PayPal page and increase or decrease your monthly donation amount.

Can I Cancel My Monthly Donation?

Yes, you can go online at our PayPal page to cancel.

What About Donation Receipts?

Unless required by law, or at your request, you will not receive ANY paper email from DCS. Save your monthly bank or credit card statements for your records. Going paperless reduces your carbon footprint.

Will I Get a Tax Donation?

Yes, DCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax professional for more information.

Which Programs or Services Can I Donate To?

Our Giving Tree has a number of service branches for you to designate. Or you can let us put your donation to work where it will do the most good. Here are your choices as listed under the Menu Name in PayPal:

The Eric Poe Memorial Fund: This fund in honor of Eric Poe, DCS’s long-time Director of Operations, supports training workshops for interpreters, both Deaf and hearing, and scholarships for interpreters in need of financial assistance related to professional development. Eric was especially proud of his involvement with emergency response preparedness for functional needs, a new focus of FEMA and the San Diego Office of Emergency Services that addresses often overlooked and misunderstood minority groups like the Deaf community. Backpacks and equipment purchased for interpreters who will be trained as emergency responders bear Eric’s imprint. His military background made him superbly qualified for this important task, which took on new urgency after the 2007 fires in San Diego led to massive evacuations, with many Deaf people winding up in shelters and at Qualcomm Stadium. He would be pleased to know that DCS is carrying on his work in his name.

Behavioral Health and Counseling: The Behavioral Health and Counseling Program covers advocacy, case management, alcohol and drug recovery, group therapy, individual therapy, domestic violence counseling, court-ordered services, Clubhouse activities, 12-Step workshops, parenting and life skills workshops, and more. All are tailored to match the needs of Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients.

Florence A. Petek Memorial Fund for Literacy: The Florence A. Petek Memorial Fund honors Flo Petek, a long-time member of the San Diego Deaf community and a life-long champion of literacy. The Petek Fund supports our adult literacy program, which trains post-high school-age Deaf adults to acquire reading, writing, and math skills to prepare them for gainful employment or for community college.

Interpreting Services: The Interpreting Services Department provides expert 24/7 communication access for Deaf children and adults whose primary language is American Sign Language. Oral interpreting and real-time captioning can also be arranged. Funding is needed for funerals, weddings, workshops, and other private occasions for which Deaf and hard-of-hearing people may need interpreters for full communication access that are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Pamela Espalin Memorial Fund: Named for the late Pam Espalin, DCS’s beloved receptionist and case management specialist, the Espalin Fund supports toys and clothing for needy Deaf families during the holidays and supplies for the Pam Espalin Resource Center, which includes a lending library and the lobby area.

Recreation, Workshops, and Events: DCS provides recreation, workshops and events annually as part of its commitment to offer cultural enrichment for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community. All funding is generated by modest admission fees and donations.

Greatest Need: Trust us to put your donation to the best use for the benefit of our Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and late-deafened clients.

Youth and Family Services: Deaf Community Services’ (DCS) Youth and Family Services focuses on programs designed for deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

DCS’s Youth and Family Services’ goal is to empower children, youth and their families to develop stability and self-reliance by enhancing their education, health, safety and connections to their community. Our programs and services are designed to strengthen families and help them realize their full potential.

Current projects include Deaf Youth Literacy Camp, e5 After School Program and Family ASL classes.

For more information, Please contact Nick Roquemore, Youth and Family Services Coordinator at or VP 619 550-3435

Thank You for Supporting DCS!

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