Eric Poe Memorial Fund Donor Wall


We gratefully acknowledge the many donors who have honored the memory of Eric Poe by contributing to the Eric Poe Memorial Fund.

All proceeds from the fund will support emergency preparedness training for sign language interpreters and disaster preparedness workshops for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in San Diego. Interpreters who successfully complete a series of approved training modules will officially become part of the Eric Poe Interpreting Corps (EPIC) and will receive a specially designed decal identifying them as disaster response interpreters. In the event of a public emergency, EPIC interpreters will be dispatched to provide interpreting for televised Office of Emergency Services (OES) broadcasts and for deaf evacuees in American Red Cross and county shelters.

Thanks to your generosity, Eric’s legacy will live on.

The following individuals are some of the individuals who have donated to the Eric Poe Memorial Fund:

J. Robert & Sonia Alexander
Steven R Anderson
Ken & Pat Billings
Tracy Bolton
Barbara Chanson
Tracy Clark
Marie Coppola
Susan L Crouch
Patricia Drasin
Karen Emmorey
Sandra La Fair
Elizabeth Fry
Linda J Hammett
Amber Harrison
Kathy Herbst
Brian Highland
Dana L. Hoffman
Carolyn Hofstetter
Debbie Houchen
CJ Hughes
Tom Humphries & Carol Padden
Bonnie Lee Kellogg & Tim Cannard
Ron Jacobs
Mary Kane
Lori Kendrick
Miranda Klassen
Michael Landesman
Kelly Large
Larry Littleton
Connie Loper
Cambian Lopez
Sally Maxwell
Nancy McCharen
Marc & Kara McMorrow
T. Terry McMorrow
Liz Mendoza
Maria Micioni
Mary Jo & Heather Moana
Tom and Israel Moran
Jerome W Nicols
Brian & Christina Paradis
Cele Passin
Joey Payton
Steve Phan
Brad & Kate Poe
David & MA Poe
Karen & Les Poe
Mala Poe
Ray & Tannya Poe
Linda S Porter
Claire Ramsey
Stasia Richardson
Patricia I Romero
Jessica Sanchez
Louise Sherman
Bonnie Sherwood
Bryan Silverman
Evelyn Silverman
Francine Stern
Lisa Stiefel
David & Cindy Studer
Linda Surlak
Christine Swick
Robert Szabo
Bram Weiser
Teresa Whitehead
Lori Whynot
Bruce & Judy Wixson
Renee Xenakis