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Eric Poe

On October 5, 2013, DCS lost one of its beloved colleagues and friends, Eric Poe.
For over four years, Eric bravely battled cancer with the loving support of his wife Mala,
his mother, Jo, brother Alan, sister-in-law Dujuana, and father Ray, plus a battalion of
friends. He was the agency’s Director of Operations and an invaluable member of the
executive team. We will remember him for his devotion to DCS and the Deaf community
and for his love, kindness, gallantry, and humor.

In honor of Eric and his passionate commitment to sign language interpreters and the Deaf community, DCS has established the Eric Poe Memorial Fund. The fund will support training workshops for interpreters, both Deaf and hearing, and scholarships for interpreters in need of financial assistance related to professional development. Eric was especially proud of his involvement with emergency response preparedness for functional needs, a new focus of FEMA and the San Diego Office of Emergency Services that addresses often overlooked and misunderstood minority groups like the Deaf community. Eric’s military background made him superbly qualified for this important task, which took on new urgency after the 2007 fires in San Diego led to massive evacuations, with many Deaf people winding up in shelters and at Qualcomm Stadium. He would be pleased to know that DCS is carrying on his work in his name.

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Eric Poe Memorial Fund

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