Interpreting Internship

Internship Program with the DCS Interpreting Department

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” -Daniel J. Boorstin

Deaf Community Services’ (DCS) Internship Program exists to bridge the gap between graduating from an Interpreter Training Program (ITP) and work-readiness. As in most professions, sometimes Experience—though not the gentlest—is the most effective teacher. This is very true in the interpreting profession. Through an internship with DCS, interns get their feet wet in the interpreting world by observing professional interpreters in real-world scenarios; team interpreting with seasoned colleagues; and later venturing into skill-appropriate independent interpreting assignments. Our hope is that after fine-tuning interpreting skills and ethical decision-making during his/her internship, the intern will be ready to dive into the interpreting world.

We welcome ITP students in their final phases of training (e.g.: Practicum, Field Work, etc.) or ITP graduates. DCS’ Internship Program hours are flexible depending on the needs of the individual intern (ITP additional requirements, varying skill levels, work schedules, etc). The intern has the option of increasing hours in any of those categories until he/she feels confident enough to move forward in the program. Traditionally, the DCS Internship Program has followed the ITP semester calendar, with enrollments in early September and January. However we accept applications at any time during the year and will respond with the next available intern cycle start date.
In addition to an Internship, DCS also offers observation and volunteer opportunities.

For more information about the internship program, acquiring observation opportunities through DCS, or becoming a volunteer with DCS, please contact Lisa Stiefel at

Click here to download the Interpreting Internship Application in Microsoft Word