Communication and Language Skills Training Program
for the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Late-Deafened Community

Are you Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing?

Need to improve your communication skills with your boss?

Need to improve your writing skills?

Do you need help getting into college?

We can help you!

AL_one_on_oneHere’s how:

  1. Contact your local Department of Rehabilitation
    (DOR) representative
  2. Get DOR referral to the DCS Literacy Program
  3. Take DCS literacy placement tests


Our literacy instructors strive to instill in students the
skills to become informed and active participants in
the community, and to adapt to the demands of
a changing workplace.

We use American Sign Language (ASL) and the ASL-English, bilingualism approach. Since our students include immigrants from non-English-speaking countries as well as U.S. citizens, we encourage and promote multiculturalism in our classrooms.

We also believe that hands-on activities, workshops and field trips are essential to your educational experience.


Classes are 3 hours per day. The program length ranges from 6 months to 2 years, with quarterly breaks.

Six months prior to graduation, instructors work with adult students to ensure a smooth transition to the next
step in life.


Communication and Language Skills Training Program
If you’re looking for a program to work on your skills – reading, writing, computation, and communication using American Sign Language (ASL) – DCS Adult Literacy is the place for you!

The Adult Literacy Program at DCS enables you to perform successfully in college or today’s workplace by providing you with useful tools:

  • English Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • College & Employment Preparation

There are two separate classes: Preliterate-Beginning and Intermediate-Advanced. Our educational and vocational assessments not only determine which class matches your needs, but also make individualized recommendations for your progress toward success.

Video Logs:
Adult Literacy Department: Overview
Adult Literacy Department: Recruitment/Student Experiences
Adult Literacy Department: Enrollment