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SOL Overview


The Signs of Life program at Deaf Community Services offers comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, late-deafened, and hard-of-hearing adults and transitional aged youth. It is the only community-based substance abuse program in the San Diego area and one of only a handful across the nation that is designed specifically for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Housed at Deaf Community Services, Signs of Life offers Deaf and hard-of-hearing clients culturally and linguistically affirmative substance abuse treatment in a language that best matches the client’s needs.  At Signs of Life, we recognize that substance use is a multi-faceted problem which affects and is influenced by every aspect of a person’s life. We believe in the importance of providing clients with individualized treatment and recovery plans that will meet their unique needs. As such, we are committed to providing the following services:

• Short/Long-Term Outpatient Services

• Assessment, Information, and Referrals to Nationwide Detox, Residential Programs, and Aftercare Programs

• Integrated Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Care

• Individual and Group Alcohol and Drug Counseling

• Substance Abuse, Addiction and 12-Step Program Workshops

• 12-Step Meetings Conducted in American Sign Language (ASL)

• Individualized Treatment & Relapse Prevention Planning

• Psychoeducation Group (Health, Parenting, Employment Prep, Life Skills)

• Linkages to Community Services to Support Long-Term Recovery

• Psychiatry/Medication Referrals

• Referrals to Sober Living


For more information, please contact:
Art Mac Whinnie
Substance Abuse Counselor
Videophone/Voice 619-550-3420

Jesse Wilson
Recovery Support Specialist
Videophone/Voice 619-550-3959