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Ad specifications and instructions:
All ad sizes and placement will be the same for each company requesting advertising. All ads will be placed on the DCS homepage, and all ads will be 300 x 150 pixels. Submit artwork in file-ready formats such as .jpg, .jpeg or .png format at 72 pixels per inch (ppi)

  • Advertisements must be received by DCS 10 days prior to commencement of campaign.
  • No cancellations or alterations will be accepted after the start date. Cancellations or alterations prior to the start date must be submitted in writing.
  • DCS assumes no responsibility for delays in the posting of ads.
  • DCS assumes no responsibility for correcting errors in copy or for the addition of key contact numbers.
  • Artwork – Art and link information must be provided at the time of placement

Website Advertising Rates:
For-Profit Organizations:
One month – $75
Three months – $200 (11% discount)
Six months – $375 (17% discount)

Nonprofit Organizations:
One month – $50
Three months – $125 (17% discount)
Six months – $225 (25% discount)

** DCS will review the Website Advertising Rates as often as necessary. **

DCS retains sole discretion when deciding to approve or deny web site advertisements.

The appearance of advertising on the DCS web site will constitute neither a guarantee nor an endorsement by DCS of the products and services, or of the claims made for the product within the advertisement
DCS sells ad space only. We do not guarantee that advertisers will experience any specific increase in web site traffic and/or sales, such as in click-through rates or number of visitors, or make any other such guarantees regarding the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Types of Advertisements Not Accepted:
DCS does not accept advertising that we know either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective and/or dangerous products. We also do not accept advertising for tobacco, pornography, political candidates, advertising simulating editorial content, advertising inconsistent with the programs and purposes of the Agency, or in conflict with Agency-sponsored programs.