The use of “Deaf” on our website, with an upper-case ‘D,’ is deliberate and is not a typo or spelling error. It is a widely accepted way of recognizing members of the Deaf community whose primary language is American Sign Language (ASL) and who identify themselves as belonging to American Deaf culture. The smaller-case ‘d,’ as in “deaf,” refers to those persons who are diagnosed as having a severe to profound hearing loss but do not use sign language or consider themselves part of the Deaf community.
Deaf Community Services of San Diego, Inc. serves clients of all types on a broad spectrum. These clients include adults and children who are Deaf, and those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, or late-deafened. A large percentage of our clients are Deaf. To keep things simple, we have chosen to go with one spelling throughout that is representative of a majority of our clients. Using the phrase “d/Deaf” would have been awkward, clunky, and more confusing. In no way are we attempting to exclude anyone.